8 Best Gas Station Rewards Programs to Save at the Pump



Fuel Rewards Coupons - Shell gas rewards
Fuel Rewards Coupons - Shell gas rewards
7 Best Gas Station Rewards Programs to Save at the Pump

Updated 6/18

Did you know that nearly every gas station has a rewards program? Being frugal, I see no reason to pass up some of these amazing rewards and discounts for buying gas and items you already buy for these basic reasons: 1.) Joining is typically free, 2.) Discounts earn you as much as 50 cents off per gallon, and 3.) They are not credit card dependent.  Navigating the different gas rewards programs can be daunting, so let’s point you in the right direction with discounts ripe for the taking!


  1. BP Driver Rewards: For every $100 spent on BP fuel at participating locations through September 1st when you use your BP Driver Rewards card. After September 1st you will receive a 10¢ off per gallon reward.  BP throws in various additional coupons and bonus offers throughout the year as well, so watch your email once you sign up.
  1. Exxon Mobile Plenti Rewards: Get 1 point for every gallon of gas purchased, 2 points for every $1 in non-fuel purchases. The rewards program is administered by American Express as they are part of the Plenti rewards program, meaning you can also get points with a growing list of other retailers, currently including AT&T, Enterprise, Hulu, Macy’s and Rite Aid. You don’t need an American Express card and if you join any of the other partners your point balance is collected in one single pool for your use.
  1. Shell Fuel Rewards: Join the Shell Fuel Rewards program and receive 25 cents off per gallon on your 2nd gas fill up, and 3 cents per gallon each and every time after that.  Additional bonus cent off deals are emailed to you, and purchasing from partners of the Fuel Rewards network also can secure you some extra savings, including select local restaurants, grocery stores including Winn Dixie and others.  You don’t have to link a credit card to your gas rewards account, but if you do link a Mastercard, currently they give you another one time bonus of 25 cents off.  This one is my personal favorite.
  1. Speedway Speedy Rewards: Earn on everything from food, to drinks, to fuel at the pump. They also have bonus offers that can score you a free car wash, free beverages or free energy drinks.  The card is free and can be picked up at any station, they keep you up to date with a mobile app for iPhone or Android which you can look through to redeem your points the way you want to.
  1. Sunoco APLUS Rewards: Their program keeps it simple, the more you buy, the more you save on gas.  Pick your card up at any gas station.  You don’t even have to register your card, but it would be advisable and the bottom of your receipt tells you your current rewards level.
  1. Tom Thumb Rewards: Use your card when you buy gas, or food items including groceries.  Get 10 cents off per gallon when you spend $100 or more in gas, 20 cents off per gallon when you spend $200, or $1 off per gallon when you spend $1,000 or more.  You can keep track of your rewards with a free mobile app or simply look at the bottom of your receipt.
  1. Wawa Rewards: First purchase any gift card at a station or online, then register it at the web site provided.  After that you swipe your card for every purchase, earning a reward for each $50 you spend at any Wawa gas station.  You can even download their mobile app, link a credit card and pay with your app if you so choose (optional).
  1. Maverik Adventure Club – Join the Maverik gas stations Adventure Club and get $ 2 cents off every gallon of gas, plus points towards other free items.  Downside is, Maverik stations are only currently found in Utah.

Hope you enjoy your new found savings on gas.  Additionally, check out our article on birthday freebies:

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