Free Amazon Prime? Get 1 Month Added for Amazon Prime Late Deliveries



Free Amazon Prime? Get 1 Month Added for Amazon Prime Late Deliveries
Free Amazon Prime? Get 1 Month Added for Amazon Prime Late Deliveries

Published 11/14

Are you one of millions of Amazon Prime members who enjoy unlimited free 2 day shipping?  More to the point, have you noticed you have received a package or several a day or more later than the estimated delivery date while checking out was? If so read on and follow the steps below to possibly score a FREE Amazon Prime month added to your Amazon Prime account.  First here is the fine print, directly from Amazon under your Prime benefits:

Note: If you received free shipping through Amazon Prime, you may be eligible for a free one-month extension when the promised delivery date isn’t met. Prime Extensions are limited to one per free trial and 12 for an annual membership. Free Amazon Student Memberships do not qualify for this extension.

So if you receive any delivery shipped or fulfilled by Amazon Prime, you are eligible to receive up to 12 free Amazon Prime months added to your membership.  If you want to read it directly for yourself, read this Amazon Prime Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Fine Print.  It is important to note that Amazon does not automatically credit your Amazon Prime membership with the free month, you must reach out to them and make the request. Here are our recommended steps for doing just that:

  1. Note Your Estimated Delivery Date: Make sure you know what to ask for by being sure you write down the delivery estimate at the time of your order.  Amazon Prime members will see this in their cart just prior to submitted an order.  Hint: You may wish to put in a calendar reminder to follow-up to see if your order is in fact late or not.
  1. Confirm Late Delivery & Contact Amazon: In order to make sure your package is late, we advise waiting until the day AFTER the delivery estimate.  Once that has come and gone, you need to reach out to Amazon via one of two methods, 1.) Email their customer service while logged into your Amazon Prime account explaining what item or items(s) arrived late.  Be polite, but it is good to mention that you are a Prime member and had expected 2 day delivery as promised. 2.) Call Amazon via their toll free number, 1-888-280-4331 with your order number in hand.

We tested this process out 3 times, and each time after emailing the Amazon Prime team we were automatically offered the free month extension added to our Prime membership.  Note, we didn’t actually ask for the free month but rather merely mentioned the late delivery as discussed above.  I suppose you could simply request the free month, but it has thus far proven to be unnecessary to the credit of Amazon’s service team.  With the price of Amazon Prime membership jumping from $79 to $99 this past year this definitely adds value back to your membership.

Hope you enjoy getting the most of your Amazon Prime membership, and are successful adding up to 12 free months to your account for late deliveries. Additionally, check out the FREE gas rewards programs to save you money at the pump below:

Until next time, enjoy your online shopping and remember to “Shop Happy”.

The Team!

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