Sincerely Cards (Ink Cards): Up to 5 Free Personalized Greeting Cards Delivered in the Mail – Coupon Promo Codes Provided



I have used Sincerely Cards (Ink Cards) quite regularly to send personalized cards with my own photos in the mail to friends, family and loved ones.  From their group of apps you can either send larger cards, postcards, , personalized gifts already wrapped, photo strips which can actually pop out of the frame and be kept in wallets, and more.  Their app runs on iOS and Android based tablets and mobile devices currently and comes highly recommended.

Right now it’s possible to sign up for a free account, and get up to 45 credits, good for as many as five (5) free cards.

Follow these steps in order:

  1. Click to sign up for a free Sincerely account for 5 free starter credits *
  2. Add the following free coupon promo codes by copying and pasting each link one at a time, and using the same email that you signed up under:

20 credits –
10 credits –
10 credits –

*It’s important to note, that you do NOT need to give any payment information to sign up if you are utilizing the free coupon code credits provided here.

It is important to note that Sincerely has four cool mobile / tablet apps:

  • Ink Cards – mail personalized greeting cards from your mobile device
  • Postagram – mail real postcards from your mobile device
  • Sesame – beautifully designed gifts sent from your mobile
  • POPBOOTH – mail photo strip cards from your mobile device

It’s great to send cards from my phone (where there are effects and “stickies” you can apply to your photos), and not only are there a number of promo codes (coupons), but the cards are VERY inexpensive at as little as $1.98 shipped, when you account for the fact that their rates include the postage via USPS.

If you try to use one of the provided promo codes (coupons) and it doesn’t work, please be kind and leave a note in the comments below to let me and other readers know.

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