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13 Best Gas Station Rewards Programs to Save at the Pump



Fuel Rewards Coupons - Shell gas rewards

Updated June 16, 2022 Did you know that nearly every gas station has a rewards program of some sort? With gas prices being what they are with the war going on with Russia and the Ukraine we realize that anything one can do to cut fuel costs at the pump is desirable! Being frugal, I see no reason to pass up some of these amazing rewards and discounts for buying…

As Summer Heat Rises, So Do Gas Prices – Save .25 Cents / Gallon with Shell’s Fuel Rewards Network



With summer already upon us, many are busy planning road-trips with family or friends around the country, or just find ourselves driving more with the kids off school and the like. One thing that can help, as summer fuel prices rise, is joining up with fuel rewards programs which are popping up around the country. We have recently been alerted to a pretty cool offer by Shell gas, called the…