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Click to reveal this Hammacher exclusive 10 Foot High Jumping Stilts, great for tricks up to 10 feet high and combined with our Hammacher free shipping coupon code you can have it delivered right to your home. Enter Hammacher coupon in your cart where it says “Please enter the catalog source code” and then click the “Apply” button.

These are the lightest and most advanced jumping stilts available, launching users up to 10 feet into the air. Invented by German aerospace engineer Alexander Böck, the jumping stilts were memorably featured during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The futuristic stilts are strapped onto each leg, elevating the wearer 20″ off the ground. Used for extreme sports and aerobic exercise, the carbon-fiber leaf springs store and return the energy you apply to them like individual pogo sticks, enabling jumping heights of 8-10 feet and running speeds of up to 20 mph. These springy stilts are made from the same lightweight aluminum-lithium alloy used in aircrafts, with fewer components than other stilt models, making them lighter and enabling a higher, more responsive bounce. Long-lasting rubber footpads ensure a cushioned landing and a firm grip on pavement. Snowboard-quality bindings secure each foot, while the calf cuffs adjust in height and tighten with hook-and-loop fasteners for a comfortable fit. Sizes S (for users 133-155 lbs.), M (156-175 lbs.), L (176-198 lbs.), or XL (199-220 lbs.). Helmet and protective gear should be worn at all times. 34″ L x 16″ W x 7″ D. (7 lbs.)

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