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Brookstone Coupon Deal – Get the latest in technology with this app controlled mini drone from Parrot that can jump over obstacles and has a camera so you can see what it sees from a safe distance.  Get it shipped to your home for free with our Brookstone Coupon code.  Click for details and to reveal coupon code.

Meet the app-controlled drone that jumps over obstacles at your command.

  • Rolls at 4.5mph and turns 90° and 180° in the blink of an eye
  • Jumps up to 2.5′ and always lands back on its wheels
  • Adjustable wheels for speed or stability
  • Wide-angle video camera to capture, stream and save photos and videos (Requires micro USB key. Not included)
  • Super-intuitive driving control via Wi-Fi® and FreeFlight 3 App through your smartphone or tablet
  • Connect to Parrot’s Pilot Academy to share your stats with other pilots

Perfect Jumps
Jumping Sumo is a responsive bot with a strong personality. It rolls, rushes, zig-zags, circles, takes turns at 90°, and in a flash, it leaps up to 2.5′ high, clearing obstacles that stop other rolling drones in their tracks. And, thanks to its embedded camera, it plunges you into the heart of the action. Jumping Sumo has 3 control modes:

  1. Jumper: Jumps up to 2.5′ in height and length, and always lands on its wheels.
  2. Kicker: Its spring enables it to push objects in its path.
  3. Auto-Balance: 2-wheel self balancing, like a “Segway”.

Drive with Your Fingertips
Sophisticated technology enables more precise turns than any radio-controlled car. Jumping Sumo performs half- and u-turns in less than a second with its inertial unit. Depending on your driving, the MiniDrone expresses its mood with customizable sounds.

Faultless Directional Stability
Jumping Sumo features adjustable wheels for 2 distinct driving experiences. Whichever you choose, embedded smart technology ensures perfectly straight paths and extreme turns.

  1. Extend the wheels outward for greater stability at high-speed.
  2. Retract the wheels in “compact” mode to enhance agility and drive through narrow areas.

See What Your Drone Sees
Jumping Sumo is equipped with a wide-angle camera that streams live immersive views to your tablet or smartphone, letting you see the world from a drone’s-eye view. Explore and navigate terrain inaccessible to other rolling drones—all without leaving your sofa. The FreeFlight3 app puts you in the driver’s seat and connects to your drone through its own WiFi connection, giving you a wireless control range of up to 50 meters.

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