9 Starbucks Hacks and Tips To Save Money



9 Starbucks Hacks To Save Money & Get Freebies
9 Starbucks Hacks and Tips  To Save Money

Ever feel like you’re spending too much money at your local Starbucks? We totally understand, and are here to help in the form of frugal savings, tips and hacks that are sure to not only save, but even land you a few freebies you might not have known were there for the taking!

  1. Join My Starbucks Rewards: If you frequent Starbucks, there’s no reason not to get a Starbucks card and join the free Starbucks My Rewards program by registering said card – You will get you lots of freebies. Here’s a summary:
    Welcome level – (after 1 card use)

    • Free drink or food on your birthday

    Green level (after 5 card uses)

    • Welcome level rewards plus the following
    • Free refills in store
    • Specialized email offers

    Gold level (after 30 card uses in 12 months)

    • Welcome and green level rewards plus the following
    • Free drink or food reward for every 12 purchases
    • Personalized offers and coupons
    • Personalized gold card
  1. Make Separate Purchases: If you are a member of the Starbucks rewards program (above) and are getting two items, say a pastry and a drink, ring each one up as a separate transaction, this way each purchase earns you a star in the rewards program, one step closer to a free item. Just be conscious of the line, it it is too long just come back if you have time and have your pastry in a few minutes. 
  1. Bring Your Own Cup: You’ll save 10 cents on the price of your drink when you bring in your own reusable cup, mug, or travel tumbler.  If you don’t already have a portable tumbler, you can pick one up in your store or online at Starbucks.com.
  1. Order a Short: There’s a smaller size than “tall” which is really the small of course, and it’s called  the “short.” It’s even smaller than the “tall,” but costs less. The cool thing is, the “short” cappuccino actually has the same amount of espresso as the “tall” version!
  1. “No Water” with Your Tea: According to our local barista, “Iced Teas are double-strength in pitcher and watered down for the final drink. To get more a bang for a buck, request “no water” with your tea. You can get a second cup of ice if you wish and pour some into that.
  1. Free Water: No need to bring your own bottled water to Starbucks, as Starbucks water is not only free, but the water and ice is triple-filtered.
  1. Free Puppuccino: Don’t forget your fury friend, order them a free small cup filled with whipped cream – they’ll think they went to dog heaven!
  1. Order a “Tall” Coffee or Tea (Hot or Iced) Instead of a Larger Size: Okay, this tip requires two things – 1.) enrollment in the rewards program and 2.) you have attained “gold status.  Once you have those two things in hand, you can get “unlimited” free refills on color or hot brewed coffee or tea. Why buy a grande or larger when you can just take a moment to go back to the counter for a free refill?  Oh, and this approach can be combined with bringing your own cup, further saving you 10 cents.
  1. The Birthday Treat: Assuming you’re already signed up for the Starbucks reward program (free), you’ll get a free drink or food item around your birthday. You actually get the reward a little before your birthday and it is good roughly for 30 days after your birthday. Cool thing is, you can make any drink your heart desires so go crazy with it and enjoy something you’ve always wanted to try without worrying about the cost.

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Until next time, enjoy your online shopping and remember to “Shop Happy”.

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